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sex folter geschichten muschiformen

taken prisoner by a sadistic Turkish Master and turned into a feminized slave subjected to body modification, torture, and sexual abuse. Schwule  by sacramoso, bDSM 09/25/2017 by sacramoso, bDSM 09/13/2017 by sacramoso, bDSM 07/31/2017 by sacramoso, bDSM  by sacramoso, bDSM 04/26/2017 by lydia1970. Added: 05-Aug-2013 One Love: Part One Chris is at high school and somethings happen and everything just starts going downhill from there. Added: 27-Feb-2019 Bondage Role Playing Chuck was my best friend, but he couldn"t understand why I was liked bondage. Focuses on the characters. Added: 17-Jun-2011 Sammie"s Choice: Part 2 During more unexplainable events Sammie Meets three people who will change his life. Added: 17-Jul-2016, a Wizard"s Succession.

Added: 30-Jul-2011 The Long Mile Shot VI The holiday season is upon Jake and Sean, and a few things get turned around and blown sky high. The stiry that describes how two thirsty souls mate in lust, in love, in Hearts. I created a profile on a lifestyle site and started looking around. Added: 16-Jun-2013 To Be Unbound What you are about to read is purely fictitious. Added: 16-Oct-2011 Arun and Austin : Part 2 Continuation from part 1: The boys go up to Arun"s bedroom and things get hot. But not too quickly for Hiro. Added: 23-Jul-2011 Destiny Tour Since he was just a little boy, Simon had fantasies about slavery and submission to Asian men. When things get too hard, Ryon flees to his Canadian cabin and meets someone new.

Added: 03-Jan-2017, eric the pool boy. Du kannst dich natürlich auch vorher hier mal informieren, was unsere Leser überhaupt suchen! Added: 21-May-2013 Becoming Daddy"s Boy A Cute 18 year old boy is taught the ways of submission and pleasure giving by a much older handsome man. Added: 08-Feb-2014 Unleashed a beast My wife Barbara and Id been fantasizing and talking about swinging for a good while and it would really get things hot while having sex and talking about. Added: 05-Feb-2016 Tangled - Part 7 David"s late night visitor is something of a surprise. He finds out some very interesting news. Added: 10-Feb-2016 The Thirst Within : Chapter 02 Zak isn"t human, but Oscar doesn"t care, where will it lead? Jack is tied down and being used and abused by his friends! Then, the tentacles come. Added: 04-Apr-2012 My Sweet Son I never knew than my son had such desires until he showed me just how much he wants.


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Having said that, I wanted to develop my characters as realistically as I could and they are a bit fucked up- Too say the least. A Wizard"s Succession 2, one way of obtaining a wizard"s power is through intense denial. Added: 01-Nov-2015 Finding New Love When Ryon goes to his old school for his junior year, he meets an old friend who surprises him at the movies. He never had any idea where this vision came from, but it kept coming. They plan to leave the country in search of greener pastures but the hurdles are more than they bargain for. Added: 24-May-2012 Back to High School : Part 4 A young gay teacher falls in love with one of his students. Is happiness part of them? Added: 25-Mar-2012 My Little Loup Garou Traveler is seduced by innocent bayou boy. Added: 08-Sep-2013 A Wizard"s Succession 3 One way of obtaining a wizard"s power is through intense denial. Sex folter geschichten muschiformen

Part 3: Here Without You. Added: 26-Oct-2016 A passion for pain : Part 3 I experience electrical torture and have the best orgasm of my life. Added: 19-Apr-2014 New Year"s Eve Party 2018 The guy I had been seeing is a dominant and I am to call him Master. Nachricht über das Kontaktformular und wir veröffentlichen deine heisse Erfahrung hier in Kürze. Added: 13-Feb-2013 My first sex is bdsm Alone with a couple older guys as I get fucked and cummed for hours. Added: 01-May-2013 Finding New Love - Part 2: Ryon"s Problems Ryon is faced with som challenges, as some things go right, others go wrong.

At first when Barbara found out that Id done this she was taken back but when she started checking out the site she warmed up to the idea. Added: 22-May-2011 The Stranger 2 Continuation of the story. The pool boy does more than clean my pool. Du möchtest andere daran teilhaben lassen? Added: 13-Feb-2012 Craigslist Dom milks me About my my first day session with a Dom from Craigslist. But Mani joins the hostel in a college and there some friends introduce him to homosexual enjoyment. Added: 20-Jan-2012 Two Years Two guys, a bar, meeting and lives changed forever. Added: 04-Feb-2019 Tangled - Part 6 At Mardi Gras, David is beleagured by conflicting signals from Lee. Added: 05-Nov-2017 Soldier"s Story : Chapter 1 warning No sex on this one just letting you know.

Schwule  by Franziskus2001. Added: 30-Jul-2012 Sexual orientation reprogramming Small time medical office teaches me how to be a gay massive cock craving whore with therapy and medication. Added: 05-Oct-2014 Thirsty Old Men - Chapter 3 A new jock is introduced and that"s not the only twist. Added: 14-Jul-2014 Back to High School : Part 2 A young gay teacher fresh out of college falls in love with one of his students. When he reached 41, he was in the midst of a promising career, but suddenly he follows an impulse to realize his dark fantasy. Added: 16-Aug-2016 The Stranger 3 Part 3 of my Italian escapade. Added: 20-Jul-2011, hitch Hiker, story of being pick up on the road one night then coerced into submission and manipulated into becoming a willing slave to a demanding Master and his friends.

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